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About Janine Dawson
I remember clearly the saturday morning Red Fish BlueRed Fish Blue Fish”  It triggered a light somewhere 
inside of me and I have‘nt been able to
put a children’s book down since.
dad brought me home Dr Seuss’s
“One Fish Two Fish, It’s 
still my favourite book.

still my favourite book.
still my favourite book.
Books Illustrated by Janine Dawson
When I left school I fell into animation 
where I worked for 25 years before 
changing to children’s book illustration.
Simple things and humour appeal to me.
I am always drawing...everyday and eveything. 
Little cartoons of all sorts of funny ideas 
and amusing things that happen around me. I love cartoons and comics, 
old movies and the whimsical little “everyday-ness” of life - especially 
the way children and animals see the world. All these infuences come 
through in my work in one way or another.
My favourite influences are Pont (Punch cartoonist of the 30’s& 
40’s) George Herriman (Krazy Kat), Bill Watterson (Calvin & 
Hobbes), Dr Seuss and E.H Shephard. I look at their stuff all the time.
I live near Manly, with my daughter Rosie, two cats and some goldfish.